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Already had sex today, but, porn? Porn.

Text 28 Jun Is there a male equivalent of maiden names? For when men take their
Text 28 Jun

Sorry I haven’t posted anything in ages! Was on holiday, and then I graduated two days ago! It was my fiancé’s birthday yesterday and it’s my birthday on Sunday, so it’s been a very busy time for me! I’ve got lots to talk about, so I’ll probably be making quite a few text posts over the next few days!

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I’m in Spain right now, surrounded by so many beautiful guys, and I am unbelievably horny… Extremely hot guys popping up on my dash really doesn’t help either *le sigh*

Text 3 Jun So much Game of Thrones on my dash already and I won’t get a chance to wait the episode till Thursday :’(
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*yells sike at the altar on my wedding day*


Text 25 May Gorgeous Actor Face Mash-up Master Post. GO


Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth:image

Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine:


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Photo 25 May fuckyeah-bioshockinfinite:

Heal me by ~Wolfenizer & *ThelemaTherion
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So I finished my exams on Friday! Which means I’m done with uni - yelp! I have graduation next month and then I am officially not a student any more. I’ve been in some sort of school since I was 3, so this is a pretty big deal, lol.

I also am in a kind of weird place about it as well I guess. I had big plans for my degree and my life going into uni, but in the last year especially most of those plans have changed. I might make a proper post about it some other time.

So basically I’m a free man now! I’ve had the most relaxing weekend, sitting around doing nothing (well, not nothing, I got bioshock infinite on friday and finished it over the weekend - so good!) and this evening I had the board changeover dinner for my pole dancing club, which was nice.

Back to work again tomorrow, for the first time in 2 weeks! Boo! Although I’m sure it’ll be good, I just don’t know how I feel about jumping straight into full time work! :P

If you’ve actually read this whole post, oh my, thank you. Sorry I got a bit carried away. I’ll try and post more frequently now that my life is less stressed :)

Photo 20 May still one of my favourite pics, to restart my blogging :)

still one of my favourite pics, to restart my blogging :)

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Text 18 May I’m baaaaaaack!

So I finished university yesterday! Ahhhh! I finally got Bioshock infinite and played it all day after my exam. The game is so good.

But yeah, hopefully I’ll be back to posting more regularly :D

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Photo 5 May this man is so beautiful, ugh

this man is so beautiful, ugh

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